• The JLMB Verve Card is a Debit card that allows you to perform domestic transactions in Nigeria Only.
  • It gives you access to your funds 24/7 via ATMs, POS terminals, and online payments.
  • You can pay conveniently for goods and services across all payment channels (ATM, POS, WEB).


  • JLMB Verve Debit Card is accepted nationwide.
  • It eliminates the security risk associated with traveling with a lot of cash.
  • It is convenient and secures 24/7 access to the account linked to the card.
  • Your card can be activated by PIN selection via ANY JLMB
    branch, with a four-digit PIN known exclusively to you.
  • You can withdraw from any Sterling Bank ATM point at no cost
  • Your card is protected with Secure Encryption Technology for all card transactions.
  • Accepted across multiple channels-ATM, POS, and Web.


  • JLMB Verve card is secured by Chip & PIN technology.
  • It is linked to a current or savings account.
  • Daily local ATM withdrawal limit of N100,000.
  • Daily POS transaction limit of N100,000.
  • Daily Web transaction limit of N100,000.
  • The card validity period of 2 years.