Having challenges settling your rent issues? You can count on us in helping you to pay your rent.

This product is designed to assist our customers in paying their house rent with ease while on the journey to becoming homeowners.

Features and Benefits

  • The minimum opening balance is N20, 000.00.
  • Equity contribution of Minimum of 30%
  • Access to the short-term facility.
  • A minimum of 6 months of banking relationship is required.
  • Available to employees of structured organizations and bankers.
  • Highly Competitive Interest Rate.
  • Monthly repayment with maximum tenor of1year

Eligibility Criteria/Checklist for Loan

  • Must be a confirmed employee of a reputable company.
  • Applicant’s confirmation letter/last promotion/upgrade
  • Applicants must not be enjoying similar loans with other banks
  • An applicant is entitled to a maximum of 33.3% of the unencumbered annual salary.
  • Submission of the undated cheque for the facility on their salary account or Direct Debit instructions.
  • Applicant’s staff ID Card.
  • Clean Credit Bureau report.


  • Completed loan application form
  • An application letter is required
  • Letter of Employment
  • 3 Months payslip
  • 6 Months salary statements of account
  • Tenancy agreement to confirm the genuineness of the applicant as the bonafide tenant
  • Two guarantors, one must be from the level of a Manager.

Requirements for Account Opening

  • Duly completed account opening forms.
  • Means of identification. Note: a valid means of identification as stated in the account opening package i.e. Copies of driver licenses, International passports, Voters cards
  • Two passport photographs
  • BVN is required.
  • Valid proof of residence i.e. utility bills issued in the last 3 months (PHCN, WATER, LAWMA, etc.).
  • A reference is required.