Living outside the country is not a limitation to subscribing to quality services.

At Jubilee, we help you achieve your dreams back home.

Diaspora account is targeted at Nigerians in Diaspora to give them the opportunity of enjoying banking services back home especially access to a mortgage.

It’s also to make banking transactions seamless by bridging the communication gap between you and JLMB which is one of the biggest problems faced by Nigerians living abroad thereby giving them a sense of belonging.


  • The minimum opening balance is N20, 000.00.
  • Completion of NIDA accounts application.


  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Access to JLMB Home Acquisition, land purchase, Home renovation loan.
  • The account can be jointly opened.
  • Access to a debit card, mobile, and Internet banking anytime and anywhere.
  • Customers may nominate family or friends as beneficiaries.

Requirements for Account Opening

  • Duly completed account opening forms.
  • Means of identification. Note: a valid means of identification as stated in the account opening package i.e. Copies of driver’s licenses, international passports, Voter’s card.
  • Two passport photographs.
  • Duly Notarized proof of address.
  • BVN is required.
  • Utility bill abroad.
  • A reference is also required.