Thinking about that beautiful home, vacations and mouthwatering events but don’t know the wherewithal, all you need is opening a Jubilee Target Account.

Target account is an account that helps the average saver in building regular monthly savings making it tangible enough to facilitate financial goals, e.g. Christmas, Vacations, Marriage and other festivals.


  • A minimum opening amount of N5, 000.
  • A minimum monthly contribution of N5, 000.
  • Minimum Tenor of 12 months.
  • No withdrawal until after 12 months.
  • Creation of pool of investible fund from the micro individual units.


  • Promotes savings habit amongst the middle level corporate individual units.
  • Cheque lodgment is allowed on the account. (Where reference and utility bill is provided).
  • Rewarding investment opportunities made available to monthly income earners.
  • Highly Competitive Interest Rate.

Requirements for account Opening

  • Duly completed account opening forms.
  • Means of identification. Note: a valid means of identity as stated in the account opening package i.e. Copies of driver licenses, International passports, Voters cards
  • 2 passport photograph.
  • BVN is required.
  • Valid proof of residence i.e. utility bills issued in the last 3 months (PHCN, WATER, LAWMA etc.).
  • A reference is required.