Tired of paying rent, aspiring to have a home of your own, need to join the league of prospective landlords, then subscribe to Jubilee Homeowners account today.

This type of account allows prospective homeowners to save towards equity contributions in owning their homes.


  • Minimum opening balance of N10, 000.
  • Highly Competitive Interest Rate.
  • Equity Contribution is 30%.
  • Mortgage Tenor of up to 5years (Subject to review).


  • Account balance is available as an equity contribution to access a mortgage.
  • Cheque lodgment to be allowed on the account (where reference and utility bill is provided).
  • An Account could be used as target Savings for a future project and other purposes e.g. Rent advance facility and mortgage facility.
  • The house purchased will be used as security.
  • Loan to be offloaded to NMRC after 6 months of consistent payment.

Requirements for Account Opening

  • Duly completed account opening forms.
  • Means of identification. Note: a valid means of identification as stated in the account opening package i.e. Copies of driver licenses, International passports, Voters cards
  • Two passport photograph
  • BVN is required.
  • Valid proof of residence i.e. utility bills issued in the last 3 months (PHCN, WATER, LAWMA, etc.).
  • A reference is required.