Jubilee Premium Savings account (JPSA)

This is a target savings account that allows individual cultivate a saving culture for specific projects with unbeatable rates in return.  It mirrors some of the features of the age long “Ajo” where friends and colleagues contribute an agreed amount into a pool on a regular basis, and each member of the group collects the total contribution as agreed until all have collected.

Jubilee Premium Savings offers the same benefit of a disciplined regular savings but removes the issue of having to deal with defaulters which is a regular feature with the “Ajo” and in addition gives unbeatable rates in return.


A hybrid savings account product with current account features free of monthly charges

No monthly charges, this ensures your savings targets are met

Opening and minimum balance of Fifty Thousand Naira only (N50,000.00)

Offers attractive interest rates

Only one withdrawal per quarter is advised.


Duly completed account opening form

Two (2) recent passport photographs

Means of identification (national I.D card, international passport, driver’s license or valid Nigerian voter’s card)

Resident permit (for non-Nigerians)

Utility bill within the last 3 months