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  • Signs & Wonders Estate. RCCG REDEMPTION CAMP

    Now selling with great infrastructures.

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  • Mortgage Financing & advisory.

    Commitment to becoming a major player in mortgage financing and advisory services.

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  • High Quality and Affordable Housing.

    We provide High quality and affordable housings at different locations across the country.

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  • Specialized Banking Products & Services

    Our banking products are designed to give maximum return on your investment.

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"To provide innovative, high quality but affordable mortgage products and services to our niche market, engaging seasoned staff with a view to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, and satisfactory returns to all our stakeholders and to become a benchmark for PMI’s."

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Products & Services

feature-1Jubilee-Life Savings and Loans Limited has since the commencement of business in 2004, developed a number of exciting, customer focused products and services.
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Our Housing Locations



  • OGUN


  • ABUJ


  • OYO



Jubilee-Life Savings and Loans Limited was incorporated as private limited Liability Company in August 1992.The registered name at incorporation was Gilt-Bond Mortgage Finance Limited, a name that was changed to Jubilee-Life savings and Loans Limited in February, 2004. The promoters dreamt of a primary mortgage institution that will be the benchmark for successful enterprise in mortgage in the mortgage and housing sub sector of the Nigerian economy and today, the dreams of the founders have turned to outstanding reality.

The company is an initiative of the Jubilee Development Foundation of the RCCG MISSION, birthed by a crop of God fearing experienced and fertile minded Nigeria entrepreneurs...read more

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